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 Camp Attawandaron has an extensive network of hiking trails. The four distinct trails run through various areas of the property.

The Blue trail starts behind the Chapel and heads east across the top of the dunes. This is the longest trail, with a distance of 1.7km. The Blue trail runs along the eastern border of the camp, through some very hilly terrain. Along the trail, you will notice some of the more densely forested areas of the camp. 

The Green trail starts behind the Chapel and heads west. This is a medium length trail with a distance of 1.1 km. The Green trail runs along the western edge of the camp along the Ausable Cut. This trails passes through some typical dune ecosystems. The trail ends at the trail head on the west side of the Flats.

The Red trail starts at the trail head on the Flats. This is 1.5 km in length. The Red trail explores some of the marshy areas of camp. Midway thru the trail is a new bridge connecting new areas of the camp.  This trail may be wet in the early spring. Towards the end of the trail, you can see the Ausable Cut meet the old Ausable River.

The Orange trail starts at trail head on the flats. The Orange trail is our new trail and is about 1.4 km in length. The trail run tru rare orchid patches and extends to a great area to view a pair of nesting bald eagles.  Please stay on the trail and DO NOT pick any flowers.