Camp Attawandaron is located in the Carolinian Oak Savanna, one of the last true Oak Savannas in the world. Being a deciduous forest, it features a variety of tree species such as ash, birch, chestnut, hickory, oak and walnut. The wildlife includes racoons, possums, white-tailed deer and, occasionally, bald eagles. The camp sits on a total of 77 hectares (190 acres), and is bordered by Hwy 21, the Pinery Provincial Park, the Ausable River, and the Ausable Cut. 

  Camp Attawandaron is ideal for active campers seeking fun and adventure. One of its most prominent features is a large area called “The Flats”. Whether campers use this area for an exciting game of “Capture the Flag” or simply Opening Ceremonies, it will fit a variety of needs. Likewise, there are 3 fully marked trails with maps for various levels of hikers, extending the length and breadth of the camp.  And don't forget, the Camp has access to the Ausable River for canoeing. Canoes are available free of charge for Scouting Groups and are also available for Non-Scouting Groups for a small fee (Please reserve canoes with your booking).

  No matter if your adventure lasts a day or a week, our Ranger Volunteers are there to meet your needs. Please remember to book ahead so we know when to expect you. Municipal Drinking Water is piped in for your convenience. Also, firewood is available for a minimal fee which will be added directly to your camp fee.

Let our camp be the setting for your next adventure! 

Non-Scouting groups

  We are able to rent some of our equipment to non-scouting groups. The repelling tower, canoes and snow shoes are available for non-scouting groups. Check out the Activities link on the left for further details.

To book your camp please go to